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The Art And Heart Of Drum Circles DVD
Scientific research confirms that recreational drumming contributes measurably to overall health, wellness and workplace efficiency.
In this unique DVD, noted author, music therapist, and drum circle facilitator Christine Stevens takes you inside the drum circle phenomenon.


Accelerate Your Drumming DVD
This DVD will help take your playing to the next level. Professor Larry Finn shares his proven method for improving the fundamental skills required to lay down a strong groove in any style of music. Clear and detailed instruction is given both onscreen and in the accompanying 64-page booklet.

  Anyone Can Play Drum Rudiments DVD
Learn how to play the foundation of all good drummers with the Anyone Can Play Drum Rudiments DVD! This educational DVD provides drum students with a working knowledge of the basic 26 drum rudiments which they will use to build their drumming skills.


You Can Teach Yourself Drums DVD / Book
Learn how to play Drums with this easy to use Drumming DVD and Book combo! The You Can Teach Yourself Drums DVD / Book package is a fun and educational way to start drumming without any previous drum lessons.Great for beginning drummers of any age!


Conga Drumming DVD
Learn how to play the popular Latin Drums with the Conga Drumming DVD! This educational DVD brings the bestselling book "Conga Drumming" to life and features Jorge Bermudez (of the Gipsy Kings and has 20 years of performance under his belt) who teaches drum students how to play the congas.


Anyone Can Play Djembe DVD
Learn how to play this popular African Drum in not time with the Anyone Can Play Djembe DVD! World-renowned drummer educator Paulo Mattioli teaches you how to play contemporary and traditional Djembe rhythms with his fun and exciting methods.


Drumming For Kids DVD
Sam Zucchini makes drumming fun and easy as he teaches how to keep time, count beats, understand rhythm and get tuned in to playing in an ensemble. Award-winning children's entertainers The Zucchini Brothers join in on guitar and keyboards so the young drummer can play along with the band.


Mike Portnoy Progressive Drum Concepts DVD
Mike Portnoy presents a fantastic instructional DVD for intermediate to advanced players. Topics include: drum set assembly, double-bass techniques, odd time signatures, grooves and phrasing, and more. Includes a booklet with exercises and transcriptions.


Getting Started On Drums DVD
Tommy Igoe brings his 25 years of teaching and playing experience to bear, creating the first DVD for beginner drummers! He takes you on a journey that starts with taking a brand new drum set out of the box and gets you started making music right away.

A Drummer's Life DVDs  

A Drummer's Life DVD with Stephen Perkins
A unique look into the life of Jane Addiction's legendary drummer Stephen Perkins. This drum DVD collection follows Perkins on the road with his bandmate Wes Borland and Tony Franklin. The viewers are given inside perspective on life on tour, as well as exclusive footage of Perkins demo-ing his hit songs.


Modern Drummer Festivals 2000 & 2003 DVD
This outstanding 3-DVD set features footage from two festivals: Modern Drummer Festival 2000 and Modern Drummer Festival 2003. Special DVD Features: “DrumCam” option that allows you to switch to the drum camera, a Play-Along Feature – a minus drums mix on two songs, and much more!

Drumming DVD  

Modern Drummer Festival 2006 DVD (Sat. Only)
The Saturday Performances of the Modern Drummer Festival at the spectacular New Jersey Performing Arts Center in 2006 is all caught in this DVD! Live video footage from the first of two days of concerts plus tons of special features! A 2 Disc DVD set that features over six hours of video footage.

Drumming DVD

Island Grooves DVD
Get a taste of the Caribbean with the Island Grooves DVD! On the DVD, drummer Chris Hanning illustrates several drumming styles including Calypso, Soca, Dub, Traditional Island Favourites, Reggae, and more! This Island Grooves DVD contains 10 play-along tracks and instructional drum lessons.

In The Groove Drums DVD

In The Groove Drums DVD
In this DVD, Anton passes along some ideas and tips that have worked for him both in making music and for surviving in the professional world. He talks about time, communicating through music, the nuances of different styles, constructing a beat for a song, and what it takes to play on the Late Show.

Eastern Rim DVD with Chad Smith

Eastern Rim DVD with Chad Smith
Eastern Rim is a jam-packed 2-DVD set that includes performance footage, insightful drum clinic material, touring diaries, and interviews with the Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer himself.


The Contemporary Percussionist DVD
A complete guide to what the working contemporary percussionist needs to know to be successful by today's musical standards.A great tool for the working professional and a must-have for the beginner wanting to enter the field of contemporary percussion!


Drummers Collective 25th Anniversary DVD
This extraordinary two-DVD set features fantastic footage of this historic night of music, with performances by some of the best drummers and bass players in the world. Steve Gadd & the Gadd Gang, Dave Weckl & the Dave Weckl Band, Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez, and more!

Jazz Drumset Basics DVD with Chart

Jazz Drumset Basics DVD with Chart
Jazz drumming great Danny Gottlieb provides an easy to follow, step by step starting point for the jazz drum student. Whether you are a beginner or a drummer looking to add additional skills and development, this DVD and exercise sheet will provide inspiration and information to cover the basics.

Brush Control DVD

Brush Control DVD
This comprehensive method gives creative drummers of all levels the technical tools and musical insights they'll need to master the art of playing brushes. Jon presents a progressive series of techniques and exercises, then his cookin' trio demonstrates a wide variety of grooves and rhythm patterns.

The Art Of Bongo Drumming DVD

The Art Of Bongo Drumming DVD
This DVD is packed with informative chapters from the history to practice tips/exercises and so much more. The diverse rhythms explored on this DVD include martillo, bolero, jazz, rock, odd-time signatures, samba, and bossa nova.Suitable for all levels, this DVD is sure to be a valuable addition to your percussion library.

Jazz Combo Drumming DVD

Jazz Combo Drumming DVD
Here is the perfect study guide for today's jazz combo drummer. World renown jazz drummer and educator, Danny Gottlieb, explains and demonstrates the main skills needed for performance excellence. Assisted by a stellar group of master jazz musicians, this DVD is a must for combo drummers of all levels.


Steve Gadd Drummers Achievement Awards DVD
In recognition of Steve Gadd's incredible impact on the art of drumming and music, Zildjian presented Steve with an American Drummers Achievement Award (ADAA). Hosted by Bill Cosby, this double-disc DVD features over six hours of footage, including the evening's great performances, and more!

Anyone Can Play Drum Set DVD

Anyone Can Play Drum Set DVD
This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn to play drum set. It will teach you the most popular techniques used in modern music using a clear, step-by-step process. No previous musical experience is necessary to be successful with this method.

Hands On Drumming DVD - Session 1

Hands On Drumming DVD - Session 1
With this series of DVDs, anyone can learn to play hand drums without learning to read music. Session 1 contains: a level 1 study guide; keys to developing rhythm and essential drumming skills; 19 rhythm patterns with signals and two rhythm arrangements. For beginning through advanced players.

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